This book ,like Hunger games is set up in future.It is set up in Chicago,where society is divided into five factions, representing five key human characteristics: Abnegation (the selfless); Candor (the honest); Amity (the peaceful); Erudite (the intelligent); and Dauntless (the brave).   Sixteen-year-olds must choose between the faction they were born to and trained for, or the faction the testing identifies as their best fit.  If they choose their family’s faction, they may live the rest of their lives knowing they’re denying who they truly are.  But those who change factions never see their families again.

For Beatrice, the choice is even more complicated.  According to her results, she’s a Divergent – someone who could belong to multiple factions, who can’t be clearly pigeonholed.  In a world where everyone has their place, it’s a terribly dangerous thing to be…

A lot of comparisons have been made between this book and The Hunger Games.  Both have a romance component (I personally prefer Beatrice’s love interest to Katniss’s).  In my opinion, Katniss has a stronger, more immediate voice – I found Beatrice a little bit detached – but they’re both active, well-rounded heroines worth cheering for.  Beatrice’s world is more complex, and I really enjoyed the philosophical questions Divergent raises.  The action and suspense is more evenly distributed in The Hunger Games, but last fifty pages of Divergent are truly nail-biting.

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Arlene says….

arleneThis book is totally WICKED!! I am, without a doubt, hooked. I want more… NOW!

I have to say, I had an absolute blast reading this wild ride of an adventure, and I enjoyed every minute of it. EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE! I haven’t had this sort of rush since Katniss entered the Hunger Games and turned my world right side out! The characters, setting, plot, pace and narrative where perfectly blended to produce a highly action packed novel that I’m sure will captivate dystopia fans. I’ve found a series that will keep me eager for the coming releases, and I can’t wait to read more of Tris and her crew of Divergents!


Kristi says…..

1310688 kristiWOW. WOW…. no really, just wow. Could not put it down… and I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

There are many things that make this a great book. The story, the characters the writing. It wasn’t just one thing that stood out to me, this was a perfect mesh of all the things that make a book unforgettable.

When I talk about connecting with characters, this is the type of book I’m talking about. I don’t mean, connection in a way of relating to them. I mean connection in a way that these characters meant something to me, that I felt their pain, their happiness, their despair. I cared what happened to them. That’s what connection means to me. Divergent gave me that and so much more.



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