Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

This story is about a boy, Jason, who wakes up on a bus at the Grand Canyon with no idea of who he is or how he got there. The girl sitting next to him, Piper, seems to be his girlfriend, and, Leo, who looks like a Latino Santa’s elf, says he’s a friend. When the trio narrowly survives an attack by monsters, they find themselves at Camp Half Blood, facing the new reality of being demigods. The camp is still not back to normal after the events from The Last Olympian, and, to top things off, the camp’s hero, Percy Jackson, has disappeared without a trace. Before Jason and his friends have a chance to settle in, they receive a quest from the Oracle, one that could lead to Jason’s memories and save Olympus from an evil force that is arising.
This book is well written and has a kind of engaging storyline. The characters will come alive  and will keep you entertained forcing you to  read late into the night.The plot of the book is quite cool, as it was really interesting and does a great job setting up the rest of the Heroes of Olympus series. I wasn’t sure how Riordan would be able to revisit this setting and still make the story fresh, but the new characters and seeing the continuing aftereffects of the Titan War made it a fun read. The ending of the novel was well done, closing up the storylines from the book in a satisfying manner, while setting the table for the next book.

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Stephanie says….

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERATears literally came to my eyes when I finished this book. I just loved it so much I wanted to cry. Riordan dives right into the story. There were a lot of questions of who everyone’s parents were so Piper’s godly parent surprised me but it I thought it was pretty cool. Jason’s turned out to be what I expected but with a spin. And Leo’s was pretty predictable but there is something very unique about him….

Riordan perfectly meshes Greek and Roman mythology. It’s ingenious the way he does it. It’s so cool. He uses some of the places he labeled as dangerous in Percy Jackson and the Olympians and twisted them to fit this story line, which was spectacular. And some of the events that took place in the first series make a little more sense once you read The Lost Hero. The characters are wonderful!


Lisa says….

3828022 lisaI have to say, this was really worth the wait.

At first, with the constant change of character POV’s of Jason, Piper and Leo, it annoyed me at first as it did in The Kane Chronicles, but I learnt to love it just as I had with that series. And I’m kind of glad it’s in 3rd person, as 1st person is, I guess to put it simply, what I see as Percy’s. It would be confusing reading it for anyone other than Percy.

Love the new characters, Leo especially. Their personalities, their individual “secrets” that keep each one equal – well, I guess Jason is a little more special I guess. But we love them still.
And the idea of Roman gods – great idea Mr Riordan.

I was hoping Percy to be back in this book, but the ending was fab and I really wasn’t expecting it. I can’t wait for the next book “The Son of Neptune”.


This book is quite cool.Go read this book to find it out for yourself…

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