Minecraft Books for Kids

Minecraft Books for Kids

Looking for Minecraft books for kids. We have a lot of craze for Minecraft. We just love anything related to minecraft be it books, toys, shirts and what not.

We just love all of it, don’t we. So here I am with a list of the best Minecraft books. So here we go!!


Minecraft Books for Kids


1) Minecraft: Battle of Legends Book 1

Minecraft Books

This is a minecraft book  written by Alex Anderson. Minecraft Battle of Legends is written on two characters, Steve & Jack. In the story Steve is a ninja while Jack is an agent. Dark forces release a prisoner to destroy the world of Minecraft. Now it is on Steve and Jack and their allies to save the world of Minecraft.

2) The Quest: The Untold Story of Steve, Book One: The Tale of a Hero

Minecraft Books

The Quest: Untold Story of Steve is just an awesome book. Steve has a monotonous life until some weird events happen. Different types of mobs take over, homes are reduced down to half and everything weird is happening and Steve is left wondering whether it is a work of a hacker.

3) Invasion of the Overworld

Minecraft BooksThe Invasion of the Overworld book is different from the others. While others praise this book there are a few who say that this book is for mature readers. Anyway, this book has tons of reviews making it one of the most read Minecraft Book.

4) Diary of a Minecraft Steve Ninja Complete Collection

Minecraft Books

This is one of the best iconic books. Diary of a Minecraft Steve Ninja explores the journey of Steve as he is trapped in the world of Minecraft. He takes help of ninjas and he soon discovers that he is the legendary warrior of the world of Minecraft. Now it is upon him to save the world from the clutches of Herobrine, Ender Dragon and the dark god himself.

5) Minecraft Comic Book Collection

Minecraft BooksIf you love minecraft, you will like this Minecraft Comic Book Collection. With over 350 pictures, this book is a real deal.

6) Minecraft Galaxy Wars

Minecraft Books

In Minecraft Galaxy Wars the whole galaxy is taken over by mobs. Emperor Ender and Lord Nether have left no stone unturned and have conquered everything. They have developed very destructive weapons such as Death Cube.

Now it is on Star Defenders – A group of young individuals who plan to restore back peace in the world.


7) Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection

Minecraft Books

It is an ultimate minecraft handbook. It is revised and updated and includes extra pages too. Minecraft: The Complete Handbook Collection includes essential, construction, red stone and even combat handbook. This is what I say is a real deal.

8) Minecraft: Ultimate Book of Secrets

Minecraft Books

Discover secrets you never knew and become a master immediately. Minecraft: Ultimate Book of Secrets contains over 100 secrets and even the best players will be shocked. You’ll learn tips and tricks you never knew.

9) Minecraft For Dummies

Minecraft Books

Minecraft for dummies is the best guide for minecraft. It has easy to follow instructions given by a panel of experts. So what are you waiting for… You will develop the required programming and engineering skills which are the best.

10) Minecraft: Secrets Handbook – Ultimate Guide to Dominate Minecraft

Minecraft Books

This is one of the finest minecraft guides. Minecraft: Secrets Handbook – Ultimate Guide to Dominate Minecraft will enable you will help you discover advance tactics like building with redstone, boosting you levels etc. An excellent book!!


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