Steve Jobs

Today, Apple symbolizes style,class & trend. People are crazy about apple products.Apple products are sold out as soon as they touch the shop flour.So what is the reason behind their success?Why Apple outshines everybody in Computers and technology?Well folks, Apple was the vision of great Steve Jobs,a man ahead of his time.Steve Jobs was one of the finest entreprenuers who walked on this earth.He literally,single handedly lifted apple on its feet.Mr Steve Jobs believed that there is always a scope for perfection.He was always on the hunt for something better and superior.I guess most of you would have noticed that the logo of apple is is an image of apple that looks as if somebody has taken a bite out of it.Have you ever thought why the logo of apple is like that.Well friends,Apple’s logo symbolizes that their is always a scope for improvement.There is always some scope for something extra,something better.This philosophy made him work day and night to develop better products and superior technology.It is hard to believe that this great man died so early,the world lost one of it’s most brilliant minds.Although we cannot bring him back but we can learn from him.We can adopt his philosophies in our lives and thereby enrich our own lives.

One of the books written on Steve Jobs is actually ‘Steve Jobs’ Take a look!!

Steve Jobs

This Story is real. It is based on a man who was ahead of his time; he was a visionary. This book is based on more than 200 interviews of Steve Jobs as well as interviews with his friends, family members, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues and many more…. Jobs is role model in the world where economies are trying to maintain their competitive edge in terms of technology. He built a great company which merged imagination into reality, Which defied the norms, which revolutionized the world. His friends, foes & colleague offered an honest view about jobs over his passions, his visions, his ideas and last but not the least his drive for perfection.
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By Lisa

There are three things necessary for a great biography:

1. A compelling subject
2. An engaging narrative
3. Accuracy

Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs has all three.


By Petra Rex

This is a fantastically well-written and exhaustive biography of a brilliant, if flawed, man, with no holds barred. Jobs great achievement was to marry an uncompromisingly zen creativity to electronically-advanced products when all around built boxes. The art of form following function taken to its extreme, where even the innards are as beautiful as the case, has an authenticity that appeals to all (even those who won’t pay for an Apple product).


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