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The Alchemist

The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo is a simple story about a boy named Santiago who followed his dream to find a hidden treasure.During his quest he meets various kinds of people.They taught him about the life and gave him worldly wisdom.He met crystal merchant who told him that everything is pre-decided, god has already written what he has got in store for you.Therefore you should not worry so much and do your work.Then their was the King Melchenzidak who advised him to pay attention to omens and gave him two stones to recognise omens whenever he was in doubt.He also met Fatima and he fell in love with her.She taught him about love and it’s power.He even met alchemist who taught him to believe in himself and to follow his dreams until the very end.Main message of this book was to recognize omens in your path to dreams.If you will not pay attention to these omens then you will never discover what the almighty had planned for you.

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Lamski says….

alchemist“when you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

This book has crossed the boundaries of books, and has taken a life of its own, creating a movement all around the globe.

Santiago’s journey and spiritual quest, the people he meets, the dreams he has, the omens he encounters, and the nature he speaks to, are all things that we can relate to..things that we’ve either forgotten about or simply dismissed as childhood fantasies. It is all about finding your Personal Legend and pursuing your dream regardless of any hurdles, and about being spiritually connected to the universe, which is part of us, and part of God. we are all one.


Erika Says….

al2I never thought i would be one person to say “I love The Alchemist”, but I am!

Honestly I don’t know why i always thought this book was bad, maybe because many people I know in person, who have read it, say it is amazing, I don’t seem to trust those opinions that much for some reason. But the thing is, it is a really good book, and I loved it.

I can understand those opinions of people who say this book is very repetitive in the lesson that is trying to teach you, and that it is wrong because you cannot expect that the universe will conspire to make all your wishes come true.

I don’t think it is wrong, I think what it is trying to teach you is that you need to keep motivated, and fight for what you want, and never give up. No matter how hard the situation seems, just keep headstrong, and give your best effort, and in reward God or the universe will compensate you for it.

I’ve experienced this many times, That’s why i believe it is true, and it is a good lesson for everyone.


This is one book which made me think more positively about life.This book tells you that god is always there to help you and he will help you if you honestly work in the direction of your dreams.Go read this book.It may change your life.




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