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As a Man Thinketh

As a Man Thinketh” is a classic which was written by James Allen in the year 1904 and it is still relevant today as it was in those days.
In his own words the clear objective of this  little volume is to ‘stimulate men and women to the discovery of the truth which is that they themselves are the makers of themselves.‘He wants to instill a belief in people that their thoughts have great power.If they could harness the power of thier own thoughts then they can achieve anything they want.

He writes in simple and understandable language that appeals to all types of readers.This book is divided into 7 short chapters.Although these chapters may be short but they have depth.If a person sincerely wishes to change his future then he must read and re-read each chapter carefully to truly understand the true intention and meaning of the author.

The first chapter ‘Thought and Character’, talks about the fact that similar to the way in which a plant springs out of a seed in this way also every action of man springs forth from a thought. And like the fruit from the plant man gets the result from his action.

He goes on to give his simple but profound ideas on effects of thoughts on circumstances , health and body in the subsequent chapters. These open up new doors of understanding for any person reading it.

He throws light on his interpretation of the effects of thought on our achievements , visions and ideals.These are powerful ideas which have been explained nicely in this book.

He ends the book with some tremendous words like ‘Right thought is mastery,calmness is power and self control in thought is strength.’

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Hillary says….

hillaryI liked this book because James Allen put into words many thoughts I have had. The statements are blunt and some based on scientific evidence as opposed to personal experience (which can ring truth as well). If applied, this book has potential to be powerfully useful. It is very short, I read it in between classes in just a couple hours. It is thoughtful, obviously, not your basic story line book. I do think the book lacked in addressing mental illnesses fully. It gives the notion you can think away any problem or illness. While this has some truth, the mental struggle can often be overwhelming. I agree that the mind is very powerful, perhaps much more than we acknowledge. A good book to study.


Beth says….

allenIt’s amazing to me how certain philosophies are timeless. This book was written 100 years ago during England’s industrial age when oppression of the average worker was standard practice. James Allen tells the reader how your thoughts, not mere circumstance, are what creates your life events. Allen believes there is a law of thought that determines our every life event. All action comes from thought. This is so similar to book like The Secret and other books that have been so popular in the last few years even though it was written a century ago. What I really like about this book as opposed to the more modern books of the same philosophy is that Allen focuses on thinking on God and the divine rather than a non discript “universe”. This book is only a few pages and can easily be read in an hour or two.


This book is classic.It is one of those books which can be reread everytime when you feel down.I highly recommend this book.This book will tell you that everything is possible and it’s just your thoughts which need to be directed to achieve success in life.Go read this book.

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