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Jane Eyre

First published in 1847,this book has remained classic for over a century.It is one of the most read romantic novels of all time.It’s about a woman named Jane.She is strong-willed and is not afraid of what the world might think about her. She has her faults and openly declares her all too human nature. She’s not beautiful and is keenly aware of the fact. She doesn’t aspire to be the typical asexual Victorian woman who doesn’t care about her looks. She even freely admits to not having enough of a selfless spirit to work solely for the benefit of others.

It’s quite a classy piece of work and the only problem with classics is that you will find some unusual words which you have to look up in the dictionery.So while reading this book keep dictionery b y your side. Charlotte Brontë tends to expand into flowery language for long passages which is perhaps one of the only shortcomings I found.

This book also throws light on how children were treated in those days and how their guardians could legally ill treat them without any social backlash. Doubtless many children are mistreated even in today’s world, but not openly. Another strong theme of the book, and what would in other circumstances be a flaw in Jane’s character, is her open and unquestioning devotion to God and the “duties” which she’s supposed to follow.

It’s interesting to see that even though Jane is not bound by societal norms, indeed having no relatives and no one whose opinion would affect her in the slightest, she is nonetheless bound by the same social strictures by virtue of the Bible. In several situations this prevents her from reaching out and taking the happiness that is offered to her and which has been missing in her life so far. At one stage, she totters on the brink of throwing her life away as an ill-suited missionary in India because she is persuaded to believe that it is her “duty to God”.

Thankfully, things work out well in a completely believable way without the author having to resort to absurd coincidences . Brontë ties up the story nicely in quite a touching manner. Unlike the dashing hero Mr. Darcy found in Pride and Prejudice, Jane’s lover Mr. Rochester is not a handsome man and is almost ugly. It is little things like this that in my opinion raise the novel about the regular run-of-the-mill romance. There is a good deal of depth of character in the main actors.

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Jason says….

4426615 jeThe entire novel is filled with this brilliant imagery. Brontë is a master of language and it is amazing how one can relate to these described emotions nearly two hundred years later. Although I do find it mildly ridiculous that Jane just happens to chance upon her long lost relatives in the woods, overall I really really enjoyed this book.


Audrey says….

11014315 audreyJane Eyre is a truly excellent book! There is something about it that leaves you thinking “this book is PERFECT.” Charlotte Bronte did an amazing job writing this. I don’t know how else to explain this but I found the writing to be precious. This book is like a jewel to me. I loved how smart and defending Jane was and how Mr. Rochester was dark and proud. Damn! I loved all the characters. They were written in such a way that just left you amazed, no matter if they were as horrible as Mrs. Reed or scary as the supposedly Sarah Poole.


This book is filled with imagery.You will feel yourself involved in the book.This book is gonna take you to that era and you will fell the same emotions as Jane.I highly recommend this book.



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