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Think and grow rich

”Think and Grow Rich”, is a book that has changed the lives of many people.Many people have become rich by following the principles laid down in this book.This book was written by Napoleon Hill.He was hired by Andrew Carnegie (one of the richest persons in the world at that time) to write this book.

This book is the result of more than 20 years of study on the lives of very successful people.Napoleon hill studied the habits,ideologies and philosophies of the mega rich. He then kind of formulated a step by step procedure to acquire immense wealth. This book has been sold in more than 30 million copies making it one of the best selling books of all time.

Napoleon Hill specifies in the beginning of the book that as you read the book you will discover a secret. This is the same secret that was used by successful people in accumulating their fortunes.This secret has been there for centuries.Some call it the “ultimate secret” and some call it the master secret.It is said that if somebody masters this secret then he or she can become rich beyond his/her wildest dreams.

However, the secret is never precisely mentioned in the book, but it is said to appear every once in a while as you read the book. It is up to you to discover and make use of it.

This secret was used by famous personalities like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, J.D. Rockefeller, President Woodrow Wilson, President Theodore Roosevelt, Wilbur Wright to name a few.

This book will teach you how develop yourself into become of the most successful people in the world by discussing themes such as:

1. Desire and how to get the most out of it

2. Increasing your self-confidence

3. The power of thought

4. The power of autosuggestion

5. Imagination and how to boost it

6. Determination and how to increase it

7. How to make use of your subconscious mind

8. How to develop your perseverance

9. How to overcome the fear of failure.

This is one book which you can give to your children as soon as they reach the age of 10-12.They will start thinking over it and maybe someday they may become rich.

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Arminius says….

arminiusI was looking through some of the reviews and see that some people gave it five stars and some gave it only one. I think if the people who gave it one star would practice the principles given in this book they would quickly upgrade their rating.

This book was published in 1937, during the Great Depression, and if the people who suffered during that time had read this book their lives might have been better.

It is really about convincing yourself to become wealthy. It outlines the steps you need to take and the steps you need to avoid.

Most people do not succeed until they are older. In fact, most success does not come until after you are 40 years old. Edison & Carnegie were past the age of 40 when they made their fortune. He forgot to mention that George Washington was 43 when he took on the greatest military on earth.

His roundtable idea is very intriguing.

I do not see why anyone would not want to read this book.


Otis says….
1kkkkkThis is the best self help book any entrepreneur could ever read. Perhaps the only one they need to. Truly transformative. I have it on audio too and listen to it at the gym often.

Napoleon Hill was tasked by Andrew Carnegie to write a book on what made a successful person succeed, and he spent 20 years researching and interviewing every great name of the day (Ford, Woolworth, Edison, etc), plus lots of people who failed (because you have to know what doesn’t work too). This book is the result.

It basically hammers home a single point, over and over again. Success comes from knowing what you want to achieve and having a burning desire to achieve it.


This book is a classic.It has been around for some 80 years but still it’s advice is relevant today as it was in those days.If you want to read one book then read this book.This book will change your life.

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