The Hobbit

The HobbitThe Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is a popular fiction book focus on the adventure of Bilbo Baggins, the protagonist of this story.

 Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, a race of short people characterized by their love of food and drink. His father is from the Baggins family who are very respected among hobbits. His mother, on the other hand, is from the Took family, who are known for being wealthy and go on adventures once in a while which is not common among hobbits. He was always more like a Baggins his whole life, he lives a peaceful life and never was interested in going on any adventures. He even express his dislike of the idea of adventures when he met Gandalf who was searching for someone to go on an adventure one day outside his house. Gandalf explained he is searching for someone to go with the dwarves on an expedition to take the treasures that a dragon called Smaug was guarding. Gandalf suggest Bilbo to go on the adventure and Bilbo rejected the idea at first, but after Gandalf and the dwarves talk to him and insist that he goes, his “Took side” won him over and he joined the adventure.

 As the journey goes on, Bilbo discovers a new side of him that he didn’t know about. His newly discovered bravery and confidence saved him and the dwarves from obstacles along the way, he even faced the dragon while all of the dwarves stayed back. The readers can see the transformation of Bilbo throughout the book but he doesn’t change who he is and stay true to his morals. When the Humans and the Elves came to the mountain and asked to split the treasure, the dwarves refused because the thing that dwarves love the most is gold. Bilbo decided to risk his life steal some treasure and give it to the Elves and Humans to avoid a war between them instead of siding with the dwarves. At the end, Bilbo’s discovery of his capabilities was much more valuable to him then the wealth he gained.

 What made this book interesting was that the reader can see the changes happening to Bilbo as the story goes on. It is helped by the fact that Bilbo is the only character not defined by what he is. All the creatures have characteristics that doesn’t change. For example, all dwarves loves money and there are no exceptions. All goblins are enemies with dwarves and elves. Bilbo, however, wasn’t held back by the fact that hobbits don’t go on adventures and prefers to live a peaceful life.

 People that like to read books about adventures will like this book. The setting gave the book an ancient feeling that is seen in fictional adventure books. People that watches and liked The Hobbit movies or the other movies in this series will also like the book because they’re interested in the story. The Hobbit is an interesting adventure book for people that love fictional stories.




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Hobbite Review 1 To call this the epitome in which all high fantasy should be judged does not quite suffice; this is simply one of the best books that has ever been written or will ever be written. The Hobbit defines the high fantasy genre along with its sequel, of course, and has been an inspiration to countless authors and readers alike. Tolkien, quite literally, kick started a genre that would eventually capture the hearts of thousands of people. He changed the literary world.


Hobbit Review 2The book is almost always better than the movie, and The Hobbit is the prime example of this sentiment.





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JRR TolkienJ.R.R. Tolkien (1892.1973), beloved throughout the world as the creator of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, was a professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford, a fellow of Pembroke College, and a fellow of Merton College until his retirement in 1959. His chief interest was the linguistic aspects of the early English written tradition, but even as he studied these classics he was creating a set of his own.

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